The Tribe of Darkness is a tribe of beings, who lived long ago, mentioned in the show The Flip Flop Show. Very little is known about the Tribe of Darkness. What is known is that Otto, and his father (who is mentioned in the show but never actually viewed), are descendants of this tribe, along with Nolrem, the Flopside version of Merlon. It is also speculated that most of the Flopside wizards are also descendants from this discrete tribe. Descendants of the Tribe of Darkness tend to have dark, shady colors incorporated with their attire, and/or skin color.

It is said (by Carson, who tells three stories about the dark tribe) that the Tribe of Darkness stole the Dark Prognosticus from the Tribe of Ancients, and also that they were once members of the Ancients before leaving them (to live in an unknown place, possibly a castle hidden within a forest) in order to protect them from the Dark Prognosticus. In order to keep this great power, they also forbade marriage outside of their tribe, which caused great woe for Chazol (Chaz's initial form), who was madly in love with the human Tingette (Tinga's initial form). Also, despite their name and the fact that Carson claims they put "dark magic" to use, Nolrem's speaking implies that not all of the Tribe of Darkness was always bad. The Tribe was destroyed by Chaz, as revealed later in the show.