Official art of the three hags.

The Three Hags are characters from The Flip Flop Show, that are found in the Underwhere Road behind a couple pink doors with a heart on each of them. Their names are Hagra, Hagitha and Hagnes. They all have a favor to ask the Flimm, but only Hagra's is required. The other two are optional.
  • Hagra will ask the Flimm to get her diet book from a D-Man, and sends the Flimm to him, as the Flimm earns a reward, it will be the door key.
  • Hagitha will send the Flimm on a similar quest. She sends the Flimm to ask a D-man to record a show for her. She will also tell the Flimm a strategy to defeating the Underchomp: it falls asleep when playing music near it.
  • Hagnes' request is to listen to her talk for a while. She will only tell the Flimm a long winded love story from her past. The reward is a thank you, which won't help the Flimm in any way.Each of the hags, if the Flimm refuses the favor, will give a long, ranting speech railing against the younger generation. Hagra and Hagitha's speeches are identical until they get to what they blame; Hagra blames video games, claiming that simulated worlds drain away a person's ability to relate to real people, while Hagitha blames cellular phones, reasoning that being able to chat long-distance makes one uncomfortable with talking face to face. Hagnes, however, takes a comical turn when she realizes that when she was a young person, she was just as bad, giving her elders 'nothing but grief'.
  • In her love story, Hagnes reveals that she was Saffron's' rival in winning the heart of Grambi.
  • The Three Hags are based on the three Moirae, or the fates, in Greek mythology.