The InterNed is a block with a bow tie, a hat, and a face made with pixels. He has so far only appeared in The Flip Flop Show. The InterNed appears in Merlee's Mansion as a quiz host who helps Bleu and Muffy find out which Merlee is genuine after Ellie makes herself look identical to the mysterious charmer in the 66th Annual "That's My Merlee!" Show.

The InterNed also appears in the the Underwhere Bar in Flipside after the show is beaten. The InterNed can here be used as a sound test. For ten Coins, The InterNed will play a song from the show on the jukebox in the bar.

  • He was created by The InterChet.
  • The InterNed's name is a portmanteau of "internet" and the name "Ned".
  • His Catch Card is found on Flipside B1 by flipping near the top of the water.
  • His game show apparently has had 65 other episodes.

    Official art of the InterNed.