Gary is a rather ordinary Goomba and a member of Pook's legion of minions, the Koopa Troop.

In The Flip Flop Show, Gary and an unnamed companion of his, also a Goomba, are among the minions of Pook to be transported to his wedding to Muffy and later, Puck's castle.

After wandering around aimlessly in Puck's castle, Castle Puck, Gary and his Goomba companion find an unconscious Sacre, whom they, after complimenting him and telling him how great he is, use as a bodyguard. After traveling with Sacre for some time and whispering snide remarks about him under their breath, Gary and his Goomba friend come upon a dead-end in Puck's castle.

Before either Sacre, Gary, or the other Goomba can turn back though, Gary is zapped by Lucy's hypnotic powers and transformed into a mindless servant of Puck. Gary is last seen attacking Sacre along with his Goomba companion, who, at the sight of Gary being brainwashed, willingly joined Puck's side because he says it is the winning side.

Presumably, he is one of the Goombas encountered in Castle Puck (though more than once, two Goombas are seen together). Depending on whether the Bleu chooses to fight him, he might or might not be killed during this time.

Official art of Gary.