Official art of Cyrrus.

is a newborn cloud in The Flip Flop Show in The Overthere. If one of the four heroes brings him a Red Apple, he will grow large enough so that any character that jumps on him will bounce all the way into orbit before falling back down to a cloud above him. To reach Cyrrus, the Bleu needs to use Muffy's parasol or Pook's Super Jump.
  • Cyrrus' name comes from a type of long, thin cloud known as the "cirrus" as well as the given name Cyrus. Despite this, Cyrrus actually appears to be closer to another type, "stratocumulus."
  • Cyrrus makes a reference to Super Mario Bros. when describing his urge to grow. He says that he has "heard of someone who could grow just by eating a Mushroom."
  • When using Sipsi to get a hint just after talking to Cyrrus for the first time without feeding him the Apple, she incorrectly refers to Cyrrus as Cirrus.