Chap is an inhabitant of Flipside who appears in The Flip Flop Show.

Chap thinks very highly of milk and can be found constantly slurping up the substance at his table in The Underwhere. According to Sipsi and Muffy, Chap arrives at The Underwhere each morning at noon and stays for the remainder of the day, drinking milk in an attempt to quench his apparently perpetual thirst. (This is not literal; Bleu can encounter Chap earlier than noon.) He apparently enjoys joking that milk flows through his veins, a series of jokes he once secretly took seriously and approached a doctor about. Throughout the course of The Flip Flop Show, all Chap does is talk about his love for milk. Chap's Flopside counterpart is Puck, who coincides Chap's milk obsession with his own coffee-drinking habits (and even mirrors Chap's quirk of arriving at a store serving his favorite drink each noon and staying there for the rest of the day). The word "chap" is a slang term for a male person. Perhaps interestingly, this namesake of Chap's is actually used elsewhere in The Flip Flop Show, such as in Flamm's nickname "the Map Chap."

Official art of Chap.